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Our Core Values


“At the heart of verus

construction is our people

“At the heart of verus construction is our people

Greg Johnson

Our core values drive the Verus culture. We have built strong teams that strive for excellence in everything they do. We have leadership and team members who have have been working together for decades and the continuity of the teams have provided an outstanding service for repeated clientele across multiple industry sectors.

Our team work collectively with key stakeholders on every project and know that incorporating their expertise are the keys to the success of any project. Our Directors are hands on in each project and are deeply committed to ensuring the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Verus have a team base culture with employee engagement on all levels of a project. Our aim is to have each individual staff member be part of the bigger picture, be involved in the project, learn new skills, have a sense of belonginess, take ownership and feel proud of their work.

We proudly lead the industy with staff retention


Harm To Our Staff


Family Feel


Verus operates a positive safety culture which has been built on beliefs, attributes, opinions and actions.

These facets are embedded and practised throughout our organisation from our Managing Director to our site team. We are committed to creating and maintaining a positive health, safety and wellbeing culture.

Our business leaders support a healthy working environment that promotes positive mental health practises and respects a work life balance.

The business wholly cares dearly about the communities we work in and support local employment and training whilst managing our environmental capabilities, which enables us to minimise any negative impact on the society.

We pursue to do business in the correct way with transparent open communication and have a culture to match.

The company name Verus was chosen on definition meaning ‘true’ in Latin. These philosophies are the heartbeat of the Verus culture and create the foundations for our business and for future growth.

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